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Wisdom Tooth Operation

Wisdom Tooth Operation

What is Wisdom Tooth Operation?

This is a more complex procedure to remove a wisdom tooth that is not erupted properly or grown out undesirably.


  • Finish the whole course antibiotic(s). Take after food.
  • Take pain killers when necessary. Take 2 tablets each time, not more than 8 per day.
  • Stop when rashes appear or any signs of allergic.

Post Treatment Instruction

  • After extraction, numbness will be felt around the affected area
  • There will be swelling and pain after extraction for about 3 to 5 days
  • Bite hard on the gauze and change the gauze every 30 minutes
  • Do not spit or rinse for 2 hours
  • Soft diet is advisable and avoid hot food or drinks
  • Removal of stitches is required after one week
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