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Kids’ Club

Designed by dentists from the National University of Singapore, who are parents themselves, and with more than 15 years of clinical experience in the industry, our specialized KidsDentist helps children age 4 – 8 years old to develop confidence and overcome any fear when visiting the dentist.

Discover through role play activities that offer real life experiences and take learning to the next level

Learning outcomes:

  • The children will remember the duration of toothbrushing and getting the tooth brushing technique correct.
  • A better understanding on how bacteria can cause tooth decay and the result if it is not attended to.
  • Differentiating what type of food is beneficial to teeth growth and what are the nutrients in each particular food.
  • At the end of the session, the children will be able to identify whether there is decay in their parent’s set of teeth. They would be able to confidently advise their parents or even their younger siblings the right way to brush their teeth.

Experiential Learning

The process of learning through experience helps to develop:

  • Cognitive skills
  • Psychomotor skills
  • Social skills

At the end of the programme, the children would have no fear of the dentist and possess the confidence to take good care of their oral health.